Meet Your Coach

Gene Wrice is the founder and chairman of Whole Armor Solutions Group. He has a bachelor’s degree from Valdosta State University and has completed numerous leadership and management courses throughout his career in the United States Army as both an enlisted soldier and officer. Before he took on this role as a coach for WASG, he served as a military officer and an ordained minister. He is also a husband and father to 7 children. In his 20 years as a soldier in the United States Army, Gene consistently demonstrated the ability to plan, educate, and train soldiers to complete numerous missions all across the world. He is a combat veteran with 2 deployments to Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn). Gene served as a company commander for a One-Station Unit Training Company For Calvary Scouts (Fort Benning, GA) and also as a tank company commander in the 1st Calvary Division (Fort Hood, TX) where his goal was to motivate and inspire soldiers to think critically and adapt to changing situations. Without a doubt, Gene is a leader with a servant’s heart. He has a talent for assessing the strengths and weaknesses in an organization, and equipping the leadership with the tools to empower their employees to grow and achieve their fullest potential. More importantly, he is known for providing personal mentorship (career, finance, life) that impacted the lives of hundreds of people. Gene has received many great honors and awards, but ultimately, his greatest achievement has come from mentoring men and women and teaching them the necessary skills to identify goals, develop objectives, overcome challenges, and effectively reach their potential. And he wants to do the same for you!