Coaching Consultation

30 minutes @ $35.00
  •  Attention New Clients! A 30 Minute Consultation Is Just What You Need To Meet Your Coach And Discuss Your Personal Vision And The Obstacles You Are Currently Facing.

Standard Coaching Engagement

50 minutes @ $55.00
  • Schedule your 50-minute personalized coaching engagement with Coach Gene. Standard engagements are great for a quick accountability check with your coach, to review measurable objectives, and to make sure you are still working within your time frame. Victory is within reach. Let’s get to work!

Premium Coaching Engagement

1 hour 20 minutes @ $75.00
  • Premium 80 Minute Engagements Allows Plenty Of Time To Go Over Assessments, Explore Available Resources, Develop A Specific Plan Moving Forward, Discuss Progress Since Your Last Session And Make Any Adjustments As Necessary. Onward To Victory!

Buy More Save More Coaching Packages!

Coach Gene rewards clients who show commitment and discipline with extra savings! You don’t have to book all your engagements now; you have a full year before any pre-purchased engagements expire.
Bronze Package $199
4 Standard Engagements
(Save $21)
Gold Package $279
4 Premium Engagements
(Save $21)
Silver Package $329
7 Standard Engagements
(Save $56)
Platinum Package $449
7 Premium Engagements
(Save $76)